Rallies and Events

Upcoming Rallies and Events

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Annual Events

Solos host a number of annual events, as well as other activities throughout the year.

  • January – Rally and Annual Meeting in Quartzsite AZ
  • June/July – Escapade Pre-Rally for SOLOS – location varies from year to year based on the Escapees Escapade Event Schedule
  • October – Escapees SOLOS Rally in Death Valley
  • November – 49ers Encampment in Death Valley

Details for upcoming events will be posted here and updated as information becomes available.

Regional Events

Regional Events may be posted below. Click here to view.


JANUARY 2022. The Quartzsite Rally will be from January 19th until the 26th. The Annual Business Meeting will be on Tuesday January 25th. Carol Preimesberger is our Rally Master. Many people come early and stay afterwards. The best way to find out what individuals are planning is on the Escapees Solos Facebook Page or the Bulletin Board (for members only). Once the rally is underway, daily activities are posted on bulletin boards in the central camping area, usually an open meeting space defined by a ring of RVs. The SOLOS area is in BLM land north of Quartzsite on Plumosa Rd. on the north side. Look for signs.

Event: 2022 Escapade & SOLOS Pre-Rally

61st Escapade 2022 – Lebanon Tennessee. June 19-24, 2022

For more information, go to: https://escapade.escapees.com/

SOLOS Pre-Rally – Dates TBD

Next year the 61st Escapade will be in Lebanon Tennessee. June 19-24, 2022. Bob McComb and Bob Fitzgerald will be coordinating the Solos pre-rally and the Solos table at the Row.  This is a great opportunity for any Solos in the middle to eastern part of the country to get involved.  Please consider volunteering to help out.  You won’t be sorry- I got much more back from my fellow Solos than I contributed.  Well worth the trip to the Escapade! — Robin McFadden

Make reservations at: 
For more information, go to Escapees Solos Facebook Page or the Bulletin Board.
You may also contact Robin McFadden, email: robinjmcf at gmail.com.

Event: SOLOS Rally and 49ers ENCAMPMENT in DEATH VALLEY 2021

The SOLOS Death Valley Rally dates are October 30th through November 6th.

You need to arrive NO LATER THAN Friday, October 29th.

The SOLOS will be leaving between 7:30 and 7:45 AM on Saturday for the Annual Beatty Days Celebration. Most of us have Breakfast in Beatty before the parade. Afterwards, for those interested, we pay a visit a visit to Rhyolite ghost town. The SOLOS Rally continues through Saturday, November 6th.


The Death Valley 49ers Encampment begins on November 7th and ends by Noon on November 14th. A copy of the Encampment Pocket Schedule will be posted on Groups.io.

For more information, see http://www.deathvalley49ers.org/

The SOLOS normally park on Rows B and C in Sunset Campground. It is strictly 1st come – 1st served. There is no saving of spots.

NOTE: Some SKP SOLOS will be in Pahrump, NV before and after Death Valley in October and November. To contact them try either the Escapees Solos Facebook Page or use the Bulletin Board to reach out to other members.


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