News – 2021 Escapade Pre-Rally

Lucerne Valley Campground- Flaming Gorge July 12-17, 2021

From Robin McFadden

Twenty Eight solos gathered at Lucerne Valley Campground on the Wyoming/Utah border for five fun filled days.  We gathered each morning and evening at Leo Flott’s camp site as it had a large patio complete with shelter and fire pit.

It was a great mix of new and old members. Everyone pitched in to make the week a memorable experience.  We had a picnic at the overlook, rented a party pontoon boat, some went river rafting and we spent a lot of time catching up with old friends and getting to know new friends.

 Carol Hinkley hauled out her big pot and we had Stone Soup one night. It’s amazing how it tastes different each time, but it’s always good.  Carol Premisberger told the story of Stone Soup so all our newer members could appreciate the tradition.  Another night we had a burn your own.  Thanks to several members for bringing their grills.

We held a 50/50 raffle with 50% of the proceeds going to CARE.  The pot grew to $228.00 and the lucky winner was Chris Rynhart.  Rather than keep her half, she generously donated her winnings to CARE.    Thanks Chris!

Most of the solos went on to the Escapade, with a few taking off to points north, south, east and west.

A fun time was had by all.  We hope to see you all at Death Valley- Sunset Campground the first two weeks of November.

See you all down the road!


My First Escapade

The 60th Escapade in Rock Springs, WY. was my first Escapade.  It was a busy, fun filled week. Lots of informative seminars and the Solos were well represented.  Many of us took our turn at the Solos table in the Row talking to dozens of people. We invited everyone to our daily Happy Hour and it was great seeing new faces each evening, and getting to know everyone.

We had 36 new members sign up and several people renewed their membership. Please welcome our new members:

Tana Grigg
Ilene Dillon
Rae Manning
Steve Minard
Beverley Dessert
Linda John
Kim Van Conia
Rachel King
Dolores Spencer
Patricia Bartscherer 
Barbara Black
Alex Ryan
Tracy Lauth
Martha Tate
Bruce King
Robin Eno
Shane Pena
Clark Vaughn
Larry Chiuppi
Debbie Spaulding
Wendy Hardin
David Hinds
Virginia McKee
Dennis Parker
Lisa Parker
Sharon L. Elliott
Kevin O’Shaughessy
Kathleen Ellerson
Andrew Johnson
Judy Rinehimer
Kathi Schmidt
Michael Harmon
Joy Kazlauskas
Garri Ann Dailys
Ann Kristal
Kara Addington

Solos got talent at the Escapade.

New member Robin Eno played the ukulele and sang ‘E Huli Mako’ while her friend, Claudia danced the hula. Bev Dessert and Rachel King got up on stage and entertained us with their humor. Bev shared her experience on her first deployment aboard the USS San Diego, and Rachel shared with us her humor about being an RVer. Boy could we all relate!  

We also were highly entertained by the 7 little girls- Lead singer Bob Fitzgerald did a great job, and the 7 little girls gave it their all. James Forsyth, playing Fred, loved every minute.

New member, Dave Hinds sang and played guitar. He had our toes tapping with his rendition of  Daddy Sang Bass, and he sang the closer of the show – Country Roads…  (Take me home by John Denver). He had us all singing along with that one.

Next year the 61st Escapade will be in Lebanon Tennessee. June 19-24, 2022. Bob McComb and Bob Fitzgerald will be coordinating the Solos pre-rally and the Solos table at the Row.  This is a great opportunity for any Solos in the middle to eastern part of the country to get involved.  Please consider volunteering to help out.  You won’t be sorry- I got much more back from my fellow Solos than I contributed.  Well worth the trip to the Escapade!

Robin McFadden

New Website for SOLOS!

Hello everyone. I’m the SOLOS webmaster and have been trying to make information easier to find and access, as well as easier to maintain and keep accurate and up to date.

I’ve setup this website (generously hosted by Terry Burke, our Membership Chair) with the aim to have this be the go-to place for details on the SOLOS club – contacts and events and newsletters. We will continue to use Yahoo for email and Facebook for sharing. Once this has been reviewed and approved by the officers, I will have Escapees reduce the information on our BOF page to be a link to this website.

History: the group started with a Yahoo group for all information sharing, files, picture, and emails. The Escapees Club main website has a single page for us under their BOFs (Birds of a Feather), but we can’t edit it directly so it is harder to keep it up to date and accurate.  Also, only members of Escapees can view the BOF page and they must login to see it. We also have a Facebook page which is great for sharing info and photos, but not everyone is a member of Facebook. A few years ago I setup a separate page for folks to download the Newsletter because some people have trouble accessing Yahoo. The Yahoo group is still where we maintain our mailing list, but it has gradually been superseded by other platforms for sharing.

Happy Camping!   Ann Palmer, from Lopez Island, WA