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SOLOS Group on (skpingsolos)  – used primarily for email list as well as photo and file archive. See Bulletin Board for more details.

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SOLOS BOF Voice Mail Information:
888-757-7701 ext. 8080

SOLOS Officers**

President: Roy Kannada, 916-752-0189, royk1072 at

Vice President: Bob Svitak, 801-971-3853,  RJSvi at

Secretary: Carol Hinkley, 503-382-7573,  carolhinkley at

Treasurer: Leota Spalla,   612-991-3876,   leotaspal at

Officers at Large, past officers:

Betty Ogden,  805-698-0842, rvingbetty at

SOLOS Support Positions**

Communications Chair: (Voicemail) POSITION OPEN

Membership Chair: Terry Burke, membership at Group moderator: Roy Kannada, royk1072 at


Newsletter Editor: Jimmie Crawford, seeinsilver at

Webmaster: Ann Palmer, apalmer123 at

Sunshine Chair: Karen Colbert, falmouthblackcat at 508-648-6851

For more information, please contact:

Phone: Roy Kannada, royk1072 at, 916-752-0189


**PLEASE NOTE THAT IN EMAIL ADDRESSES THE @ HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH “AT” SURROUNDED BY SPACES. This is to prevent automatic spam crawlers from detecting the addresses. To use the address, simply replace the ” AT ” with “@” (no spaces) , i.e., instead of johnsmith at, it would be