New Website for SOLOS!

Hello everyone. I’m the SOLOS webmaster and have been trying to make information easier to find and access, as well as easier to maintain and keep accurate and up to date.

I’ve setup this website (generously hosted by Terry Burke, our Membership Chair) with the aim to have this be the go-to place for details on the SOLOS club – contacts and events and newsletters. We will continue to use Yahoo for email and Facebook for sharing. Once this has been reviewed and approved by the officers, I will have Escapees reduce the information on our BOF page to be a link to this website.

History: the group started with a Yahoo group for all information sharing, files, picture, and emails. The Escapees Club main website has a single page for us under their BOFs (Birds of a Feather), but we can’t edit it directly so it is harder to keep it up to date and accurate.  Also, only members of Escapees can view the BOF page and they must login to see it. We also have a Facebook page which is great for sharing info and photos, but not everyone is a member of Facebook. A few years ago I setup a separate page for folks to download the Newsletter because some people have trouble accessing Yahoo. The Yahoo group is still where we maintain our mailing list, but it has gradually been superseded by other platforms for sharing.

Happy Camping!   Ann Palmer, from Lopez Island, WA